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Sagittarius is all about the big picture and broad brush strokes and they refuse to get bogged down by detail. They also enjoy change and new horizons but their usually happy demeanour can flip into stress land when made to focus on nuts and bolts. Under the spotlight of continuous scrutiny they will feel trapped and are liable to lose weight and even suffer from hair loss.

An ambitious sign , sometimes they can lose sight of everything but the end goal. Normally generous and moderate they have been known to turn ruthless when under stress and step over bodies to gain that elusive promotion. When this happens they need to be taught to reconnect and rest or they may be a heart attack in the making. This makes them perfect for HR or complaints departments however they can suffer from empathy overload and will avoid their own accumulating stress. Stressed Aquarius often present in emergency departments with chest pains and dizziness which turn out to be panic attacks.

Pisces can be stress heads as they are constantly digging themselves out of difficult and compromising situations. They are also not good at saying no and spend too much time pleasing people who are not friendship worthy. When stress gets the better of them, Pisces tends to get messy and unkept. They often turn into hoarders and need intensive therapy to declutter their lives. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Taurus: not good at recognizing stress.

Cancer: making themselves ill over things that will never happen. Libra: harmony and balance — usually stress free. Scorpio: they break when loved ones are disloyal. Sagittarius: happy go lucky except when micromanaged. Aquarius: they will feel your pain and avoid their own.

Stressed Aquarius often present in emergency departments with chest pains and dizziness which turn out to be panic attacks Pisces: they bury themselves in stress. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below. Leave a Reply:.

Leo: A Brand-New Chapter Awaits You, So Turn The Page

Including in the real world. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Anime and Manga. Attack on Titan gives subtle nods to this, with the guidebook providing birthdates for the major characters. Armin is a Scorpio, as fits his transformation from an idealistic youth into a Manipulative Bastard. Several Capricorns feature prominently in the series: Levi , Bertolt , and Krista.

Mikasa and Ymir both fit the "Aloof" characteristic of the Aquarius sign. Loyal Connie is a Taurus, while idealistic Marco is a Gemini. In Bleach fights, Tite Kubo seems fond of pairing up people of the same sign. Protagonist Ichigo and female lead Rukia are Cancer and Capricorn, respectively — opposite signs of the Zodiac and playing on how their personalities contrast and complement each other.

Celestial wizards in Fairy Tail can summon the spirits of each of the constellations through the use of magical Gatekeys. Main character Lucy is the prime example of one of these wizards, who currently owns ten out of twelve spirits. Curiously, Aquarius and Leo are her two strongest, and none of the personalities or elements really match with the above. Iron Man had Zodiac themes for each Monster of the Week.

Juvenile Orion takes its title from the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of oddities and advances, connected to the theme of the anime. See the Real Life section. The names and spirits of dozens of beys in Metal Fight Beyblade. The OZ-made mobile suits in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and its spinoffs use the Western Zodiac as part of their Theme Naming , though the name is usually only significant in rare cases Cancer and Pisces are amphibious models; Virgo is automated , hence "virgin"; Scorpio has a scorpion-shaped flight mode; Geminass is a pair of twin Gundams.

Virgo's Weaknesses: Hyper-critical, Seemingly cold on the outside, and Moody on the inside Virgos are described as "still waters that run deep". During the events of "Kakashi Gaiden," it is shown that he was an introverted, cold, taciturn, and perfectionist student. This caused Obito to resent Kakashi, as Kakashi showed little kindness to his team-mates. He is now more cheerful and shows great concern for his team-mates and students, placing their safety over the successful completion of a mission, as well as believing that teamwork is essential to overall success as a team.

He is also regularly late for appointments, making obvious excuses just like Obito before him. This is because of his frequent visits to the memorial where Obito's name is engraved, where he loses track of time. After the formation of Team 7, he begins taking a special interest in their development, as shown from his regular checking up on Naruto and his eating habits.

Kakashi is so devoted to his friends and the rest of Konoha, such that his signature jutsu, the Lightning Cutter, had been made on the principle of duty, and perfected on the principle of protecting loved ones. And when suggested by many others for him to become Hokage , Kakashi admitted that such a position was unfit for him.

A Virgo trait Virgos prefer to serve rather than lead.

Aries: You're Tapping Into Your Inner Child And Having Fun

Virgos are highly adaptable, patient, methodical, and analytical : "His naturally calm attitude is used to his advantage in battle, as it becomes easier for him to maintain his composure to stay focused on the situation at hand, and ultimately notice everything around him. As a result, he can quickly adjust to any situation to make keen and thought-out decisions, allowing him to stay steps ahead of his opponents. There's also Shikamaru, a calm, introverted, analytical and slightly grumpy genius. Other typical characters include Cancerian Shikaku shrewd and a good right-hand man ; Libran Naruto smiling, friendly, can talk to anyone and Ino loves beauty and is a bit boy-crazy ; Sagittarian Lee tactless but good-hearted and full of energy ; Arian Sakura temperamental, impulsive and brave and Hidan a Psychopathic Manchild ; Capricorn Hinata quiet and shy but determined , Madara and Danzo ruthless and ambitious ; Taurean Choji and Choza loyal, like their food, determined ; Aquarian Hiruzen an eccentric old man with a deep humanitarian streak ; Scorpio Orochimaru fascinated with the dark side, ruthless, cruel and Jiraiya a tough old bastard who died fighting, and a sex maniac ; Leo Tsunade likes gambling and drinking but will defend Konoha to the death ; Piscean Kabuto the enigmatic and sarcastic Orochimaru assistent ; and so on.

To extend it further, Naruto's main chakra nature is wind and Sasuke's is fire, the same element association their respectives signs. The Eastern Zodiac is used as well; the Western symbol corresponds to their personality, and the Eastern with their abilities, generally e. Saint Seiya. A wonderfully camp shounen anime , which had constellation-themed warriors who loved to call their attacks , including the 12 Gold Saints for each of the Zodiac constellations, who the main characters had to fight.

See its Character Sheet for more information. The girls of Sentimental Graffiti are each born under one of the signs. The girls of Sister Princess are each born under one of the signs. Sket Dance has a bit of fun with Astrology, as well. Sometimes it happens that a character is shown reading their horoscope, and the three protagonists represent coincidence? Being a bit of a Literal Genie , she actually had them riding on a miniature models of the zodiac signs in a globe.

And of course, Zodiac PI revolves around a detective using spirits of the zodiac signs of murder victims to help solve her cases. Todd Barry was asked by a woman in a bar his sign he's an Aries and immediately started picking apart her analysis of his personality. Then she says, 'Well, you're probably not even an Aries then. Comic Books. Astrology is often a subject in the Disney Ducks Comic Universe. Mostly in the Italian comics, though, so it might simply be a reflection of how popular astrology in Italy.

DC's Final Crisis storyline involved a character named Libra who unified the bad guys under Darkseid; they actually managed to conquer the world for a few weeks? Libra's MO was, of course, to "balance the scales" in favor of the villains. The Marvel Universe has a recurring supervillain gang named the Zodiac, composed in its original form of members born under the sign corresponding to their villainous identities.

In a coloring book, "Spider-Man Zaps Mr. Zodiac", one Mr. Zodiac has the power to turn into all the of the Zodiac Signs, including Libra, a giant set of scales, and Virgo , who dates Peter Parker. In Strangers in Paradise , David admits that he hoped that Katchoo would forget about him posing for a nude painting.

Katchoo responds, "I'm a Scorpio, I never forget. This is the theme of the Swordquest: Earthworld realm. Comic Strips.


When the Zodiac Signs Get STRESSED…

In Dilbert , the Pointy-Haired Boss has been known to make business decisions based on astrology. In FoxTrot , Jason once tried to get into the business of writing newspaper horoscopes. The series starts here. Lucky Eddie applauds her — because he's a Virgo. She gives up on astrology. However, a later author plays up the zodiac reference by having Libra obsess over "maintaining balance". And she drops references to Capricorn and Virgo in her conversations. Films — Live-Action. Thir13en Ghosts used the invented notion of a "Black Zodiac" with its own twisted signs to account for why 12 of its 13 spirits had been gathered in one place.

Jonathan Swift's Bickerstaff Papers began with a set of satirical astrological predictions. It was basically a giant Take That! Parodied in Discworld. Astrologers have to work a lot harder there because the constellations are constantly changing as the world turtle swims through the stars. At one point a wizard tries to find Rincewind by casting his exact horoscope—Rincewind's birth sign is "The Small Boring Group of Faint Stars", which is traditionally associated with "chess board makers, sellers of onions, manufacturers of plaster images of small religious significance, and people allergic to pewter".

It's done semi-humorously, though. In the beginning of Good Omens , there's a very accurate horoscope prediction for the Earth, which is a Libra Except for the part about the salads. Hermione is a Virgo and Ron is a Pisces, making them opposite signs. Somewhat lampshaded by the fact that they are all in Gryffindor House which selects the most brave students , whose emblem is a lion. Severus Snape The head of Slytherin is a Capricorn. Which is interesting, since the character himself is ambitious, hard working, cold, reliable and stubborn.

James Bond , Agent , is a Scorpio November This is an appropriate sign for him, since good detective skills are one of its key characteristics.

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Kinsey Millhone justifies her fear of heights because she is a Taurus May 5 , an Earth sign, where she prefers to stay on. The Ted Reynolds novella "Through All Your Houses Wandering" plays with the conceit that Earth is approximately equidistant from twelve powerfully telepathic alien races each of which has the primary personality characteristics of the star sign their home planet is in.

The subconscious signals from these races influence humans born under when their "sign" is at the zenith which is, of course, not necessarily the same as the person's astrological sign. The protagonist invents a telepathy amplifier, which makes this subconscious connection conscious, and makes the aliens for the first time aware of Earth.

Live-Action TV. The tribes and home planets of Battlestar Galactica are all based on the zodiac. The Reboot Series kept the names and eventually used the constellations they were derived from as a plot point. Chou Sei Shin Gransazer uses this as a central motif, with each one of the twelve protagonists being covered by a certain sign.

The elements also matter, by determining which Tribe and Elemental Powers each is associated with. Dorothy Zbornak upon being asked how she could be so sure of something answers with "I'm a Leo, we're all very self-confident". Power Rangers S. One character, Jack, who didn't know his own birthday and previously shared with Syd, asks for Gemini, which fits Syd perfectly, but also fits the fact that two people have that birthday.

The resident cloudcuckoolander , Bridge, doesn't know his sign because he was born on a cusp A quip about a forecast for confusion ensues.

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One villain from The Sarah Jane Adventures used zodiac signs to control people. A three-part episode of Batman dealt with the Joker committing crimes based on the zodiac signs. Example: for Libra the scales , he stole a statue of Justice from in front of the Gotham police station. Discussed in Six Feet Under : An Astrologer wonders the impacts space travel will have on her job, as the monthly order, the position of stars and etc A while later, she realises nobody is listening to her.

Of particular note, the Silver Ranger represents the oft-neglected Ophiuchus. In the pilot of The Big Bang Theory , Penny introduces herself by saying that she's a Sagittarius, "which probably tells you way more than you need to know.

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There's an In Search of For the record, Leonard Nimoy mentions that he is an Aries with Scorpio rising. It ends with An Aesop that it's one thing when astrology is a fun party game, but that it becomes irresponsible and immoral when people are making major life decisions based on astrological advice. Buffy the Vampire Slayer , in 'Doomed' Buffy refers to herself as being a 'Capricorn, on the cusp of Aquarius' which definitely fits her personality. As a bonus, episodes featuring Buffy's birthday usually aired in mid to late January in alignment with those signs.

Astrology fell within Jimmy Page's interest in the occult. Most notably, Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones' sigils were pulled out of commonly available books and had straight forward meanings writing, skill and family respectively while Page's came from a 16th century book known as "The Grand Grimoire" and is a symbol for Saturn. Page is a Capricorn and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Furthermore, his famous dragon-emblazoned black suit had three symbols embroidered on his leg: Capricorn his sun sign , Scorpio his ascendent sign and Cancer his moon sign.

Rush seems to have an implacable antipathy on astrology. Their song Freewill manifests extremely harsh critique on horoscopes. The K-pop girl group Cosmic Girls has this as their concept, each member stands for a different zodiac sign. Take down all those naked pictures of Ernest Borgnine you've got hanging in your den Capricorn: The stars say that you're an exciting and wonderful person but you know they're lying If I were you, I'd lock my doors and windows and never, never, never, never, never leave my house again.

Stern Electronics ' Star Gazer requires the player to collect all twelve signs of the Zodiac. Puppet Shows. Sylvia Anderson, wife of Gerry Anderson and co-creator of Thunderbirds , assigned birthdays to the various characters on the show based on their personality characteristics, to bring them in line with the appropriate signs. Tabletop Games. A Zodiac villain team similar to that in Marvel Comics appeared in a supplement for Champions.

The time-travel RPG Continuum marks off deep time in astrological ages, with the Age of Aquarius as the upcoming rise of the Inheritors. Nephilim had a whole splat of characters classified by the 13 Zodiac signs with The Serpent added to the more typical 12, something Final Fantasy Tactics also did. Because the game's setting works with 7 elements the usual four, plus Moon, Sun and Orichalcum , the elements' association of the signs went under a bit of rework.

Guess there are a couple more months in the year in Warhammer 40, Unfortunately, it doesn't say what the other signs are, but Horus himself is a Sagittarius. That must have been one heck of an interesting horoscope. Each of the 13 remaining "good" tribes has a sign that corresponds to an astral body in the solar system, which also corresponds to the Zodiac. As such, a Garou's chart would include the sign she's born under as well as the sign of her tribe.

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  • A side bar in the book mentions how the Eastern Zodiac fits in with this, for Asian Garou who would rather use that than the western system. Oh, in case you're wondering, the 13th sign, Zorg the Many-Taloned Hunter represented by the Asteroid Belt doesn't correspond to any Zodiac; his followers besides the feral Red Talons his tribe join him by choice rather than the accident of birth.

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    In the Yu-Gi-Oh! The "Age of Aquarius" is also referred to in a song of the same name, in the musical Hair. Come on, I'll get us there. Reed : Oh, that's so like an Aries. Always gotta be in charge! Austin : Typical Sagittarius! Judgmental and angry! Reed : I am not judgmental and I am not angry!